Pettinà Luca bodywork in Malo

A trustworthy team of mechanics always at the client’s disposal

Pettinà Luca bodywork in Malo, in the province of Vicenza, has become a point of reference for the car repairs and the part replacement service offered to the residents on the territory. The passion for engine technology and love for mechanical engineering have always been some distinctive features of the qualified staff working for the workshop. It is indeed a hard job to find a trustable mechanic, for this reason, Pettinà Luca bodywork guarantees professionalism and transparency for all the services offered, with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Another proof for the efficiency and efficacy of the services offered is the constant updating on all the market new releases and technological innovation, making the work more precise and careful.The workshop’s staff made up of technicians look with particular interest to the new technologies and make use of increasingly modern instrumentation so as to satisfy the client’s necessities while caring for environment. The client can also rely on a well-established tradition based on the craft work, which makes caring the smallest detail possible. The experience in treating materials such as fibreglass, aluminium and plastic is what supports a high level of quality in the body repairing process, ensuring always and for each case an efficient and transparent service that reaches the highest quality and the client’s satisfaction.

The Pettinà Luca bodywork in Malo, therefore, represents a precious support and a reliable and careful partner, always available to help those who drive for passion as well as for business. Inside the workshop, the clients are welcomed to make them feel at their ease, thanks to the operative system of expert consultants and to all the staff of technicians and in charge of administrative proceedings, all of them constantly operating and updating. We work to ensure you a friendly reception that will cope with your problem with ability and expertise; you can be sure of our help to solve any problem, in any circumstance.
The workshop uses only certified and guaranteed high-quality products and offers complete efficient services. We repair damaged body, supply auto parts and service cars with the utmost care and ability and with the opportunity to take advantage of customised solutions that are perfectly adequate to the type of vehicle owned by the client.
At the workshop located in Malo, in a place easily accessible by every type of vehicle, we distinguish ourselves for offering a thorough and practical service in addition to cheap prices that are competitive on the market. This is due to the philosophy of Pettinà Luca bodywork: our main purpose is to offer only the best to our clients, standing out from competitors and other similar firms present on the territory.

The workshop and the services offered represent a point of reference in the car mechanics panorama, thanks to first-quality operative management of the activities carried out. This has led to an increasing number of customers from different realities requiring the services of the workshop: from private chauffeurs to haulers and to the professional driver. All these clients share the need of a fast, safe and efficient assistance capable of solving any problem spotted in the car. With us by your side, you can rely on an essential support in case of accidents, damages and dysfunctions of any kind in two and four-wheel vehicles. We are also a reliable point of reference for mechanical works and bodywork in general, such as the regular maintenance check and service, which is run with the greatest care to the performance carried out from the point of view of the quality as well as of the price. 

For further information, quotations for ordinary operations or more complicated and invasive works, you can contact the staff of the workshop by phone, email or through the form available on the Contacts section of the website. The staff of the workshop are always available to offer technical consultation and advice.