Bodywork in Malo

the instrumentation necessary to make the car look like new

For all the people needing a mechanical workshop in the province of Vicenza, the Pettinà Luca workshop is the perfect place, synonym of quality and professionalism at the service of the client, with all included. The workshop specialises in bodywork in Malo and surroundings, using state-of-the-art and updated instrumentation and making the operators a point of reference for the company. Based on the experience accumulated in the craft industry together with the constant technological innovation, the workshop makes accurate and precise repairs, putting the client’s safety in the first place. Due to the fact that we know how difficult is to find an honest mechanic, our staff is accustomed to being always correct and transparent with the client concerning the work undertook and the parts replaced. Our first purpose is, in fact, to build a relationship of trust with the client putting always his safety at the first place.

The ability and knowledge acquired along years of work on the use of materials such as fibreglass, aluminium, and plastic permits the technical staff of the workshop to reach excellent levels of quality in the bodywork, guaranteeing a work characterised by the efficiency, the transparency and high quality standards, but first of all by the client’s satisfaction.
The Pettinà Luca workshop can make repairs and maintenance works on every type of car, ensuring top quality no matter the brand.
The staff of the workshop will carry out the car body oven painting based on a colour blending system that is extremely useful to choose the exact colour for the car. The staff will receive the client with courtesy and availability, give him advice and show him the most appropriate solutions for the car problems, guaranteeing the most advantageous and satisfying choice.
Thanks to the ability and efficiency of a qualified staff made up of technicians and operators, the mechanical workshop is up to the task of performing complex repairs in the shortest time, even in the same day, restoring the right functionality of the client’s car. In particular, the workshop deals with:

  • Car servicing, necessary to check that all the vehicle’s components are properly functioning and not wasted;
  • Mechanical check-up, essential for going on a long journey ‒ we will check oil and water levels, brakes, battery, tyres and lights;
  • Air-conditioning system recharge and control of the entire system conditions, in particular, water pipes and connectors that can loosen and cause refrigerant gas leaks;
  • Computerised diagnosis, necessary to identify possible malfunctioning of the electronic centre;
  • Wheel alignment; indispensable to guarantee comfort and safety while driving;
  • Tyre service, to verify the right conditions of the tyres and their possible replacement according to the season.

For the purpose of operating with the maximum precision, from the reception, the technical staff carries out an accurate diagnosis so as to verify the extent of the damage and draw a precise and detailed quotation for the client. Among the further services offered by the workshop you will find complete assistance and insurance proceedings management, in the case of accident; the car replacement service available while your car is under repair; the car retrieval and home delivery service; internal sanitising and much more.

For further information on the repairs and other services offered by the workshop in Malo, you can contact the company’s staff by phone, email or through the form available on the website at the Contacts section.