Workshop in Malo

Quality services guaranteed to solve any problem on your vehicle

The Pettinà Luca workshop in Malo exclusively bases its work on the daily collaboration with a staff made up of high-qualified technicians who are expert in repairs in the sphere of mechanics, repairs on the body of the car, and in administration proceedings: from direct operations on the vehicle to paperwork, from consultation to diagnosis, from internal and external cleaning to the search for the parts needed to replace the damaged ones. Each one of these operations will be done personally by the staff of the Pettinà Luca workshop, which will analyse critically the vehicle in order to find and repair any malfunction come out and declared by the client, guaranteeing this way the perfect safety to the driver. The mechanics of the workshop work leaving nothing to chance and without overlooking a single aspect of the vehicle so that they can really deliver a car looking like new, from both the aesthetic and the safety point of view. The workshop, before laying their hands on the vehicle, undertakes a detailed assessment of the car conditions to identify the reasons that cause the problems found by the customers. In the case of an accident, the staff will proceed with a careful evaluation of the accident consequences on the vehicle, thanks to the opportunity to rely on adequate pieces of software and computerised systems that can make a mathematically precise appraisal of the car damage. Then, through a synergetic and transparent collaboration with the client, it will be possible to give a detailed quotation, which, if accepted, will start the operations on the vehicle and its turnkey delivery once it has been repaired. 

We will treat your car until the damage has been repaired, that is when the different assurance proceedings are closed. From the little scratch to the most serious accidents, you can entrust your car to the Malo workshop’s technicians, which guarantee a competent operation producing an excellent result for the driver. Through a dime bench, the workshop’s technicians will carry out quality control operations to the body of the car in order to guarantee perfect levelling of the metal sheets. Once the vehicle has been repaired, it will be oven painted to strengthen the resistance to corrosion and scratches on the surface. The repair of scratched or hardly damaged crystals, an operation needed to ensure the car maximum reliability, will be included in the service.
During the repairing period, whom the staff will make as shorter as possible, the Pettinà Luca workshop will offer the clients a courtesy vehicle to be chosen among the many efficient and well-working cars of the company’s fleet. This way you will make use of a safe car guaranteed along the whole period of time until the retrieval of your own car. At the end of each repair, it will be possible to take advantage of the repaired car home delivery service. In addition, we offer to tow your broken down or crashed car away. Going to Pettinà Luca workshop means relying on a close-knit and cooperative team that are prepared to offer different kind of services in the field of mechanical repair, auto parts and bodywork. 

For any information about the services and the assistance offered, you can contact the staff of the workshop in Malo by phone, email or filling in the form available on the Contacts page of the website.